Membership is open to all initiated alumni of the Phi Delta Theta society. We have Phi Delta Theta Alumni from the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and Northern Arizona University, yet two-thirds of our club members are made up of Phi Delts from various college chapters around the nation. We are proud to represent all age groups from those that have just graduated, those beginning families/careers and retirees. Our club is a great way to connect with old friends and meet new ones. Our basic membership is $50.00 per year and allows for full voting rights. For those members that are able to donate more, we offer a Platinum membership and those individuals are listed below.


  • Craig Milum

  • Drew Koch

  • Kevin Canterbury

  • George Klinger

  • Anonymous

  • Harry Mahaffey

  • Steve Sloboda

  • Russ Gillard

  • Shelby Phillips

  • Greyson Geiler

  • R.D. Lewis

  • Gregory Poore

  • Ashton Faires

  • Don Thompson

  • Spike Graham

  • Timm McCarty

  • Joe Johnston

  • Stephen Petross

  • Jeff Rollins

  • Jason Nolander

  • Lance Harmon

  • Duff Lawerence

"It has been great to work with The Valley of the Sun Alumni Club. I have met new people, new friends and I get to help further the cause of the Fraternity all at the same time. 

Ashton Faires, Alum & VP

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